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Feeding Place
Author TU Chih-Wei,
NO. 20150276
Category Eastern Gouache
Max Size 48 x 188 x 3.5 ...
Year 2014
Artwork Appreciation
TU Chih-Wei’s glue painting Feeding Place shows a construction yard observed from his actual life. The rows of industrial-looking plastic wire fences were used to create a plot of land that include a number of small hills. Trees on the hills were secured using ropes and concrete blocks in order to support the weakened trunks. An elevated seat was placed outside the fencing, giving the user a great vantage point for this artificial landscape. Construction yards are extremely common, and have a habit of making unexpected appearances in our surroundings, representing a cycle of endless creation and destruction. The artist hopes that this work is able to convey the dynamics between life and cultural memories.