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At the foot of the mountain- Mt. Guanyin
SU Yu-Ting,
NO. 20180236
Year 2017
Max Size
32.4 x 50.7 x 3 cm
Artwork Appreciation
SU Yu-Ting uses printmaking as the medium and utilizes the thin and delicate line of copper to show a world of mixed reality and illusion. The work, At the Foot of the Mountain-Mt. Guanyin, presents a view of Mt. Guanyin from the perspective of Guandu Plain, and to the right, the line of sight extends to the port of Danshui River. In the center of the picture, the Guandu Temple in the fog looks like a mirage. The turtle and plants in the front are native species of Taiwan. The golden background brings an unrealistic sense of illusion to the picture. SU Yu-Ting reconstructs memory and dreams, creating a landscape with no people that expresses the emotions of the inner world.