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NO. 20180246
Eastern Gouache
Year 2017
Max Size
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Pei-Yi is skilled at using gouache to express people and cats. The work, Focus, utilizes kittens and a carpet as subjects for depiction, showing cute kittens sitting on a gorgeous carpet. A cat toy is exhibited in a swaying state through the form of repeated images. The kitten is attracted by the cat toy, showing a cute expression and gesture. The blue background blurs the boundaries of the carpet and creates a feeling of being in the water or a state of air condensation. CHEN Pei-Yi shows the cute posture of the kittens and the fine lines of the carpet with exquisite painting techniques. She tries to create a picture that is both imaginary and real, and moving and static, conveying a moment of unwavering focus.