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  • Puppet Show at Huwei, Yunlin Picture,Total:3
Puppet Show at Huwei, Yunlin
Author LI Jiun-Yang
NO. 20160286
Category Acrylic Painting
Max Size 240 x 120 x 1.5...
Year 2012
Artwork Appreciation
LI Chun-Yang’s works are based upon the lives of common people living in Taiwan and are heavily inspired by temple culture and art, using local visual elements and cultural features to highlight Taiwan’s regional and folk aesthetics. The work Hand Puppet Show at Huwei, Yunlin is a work based upon Taiwanese traditional hand puppet show as well as the town of Huwei, which is regarded as the hometown of the show. The two door panels of a temple are used to replace the picture frame. The composition uses plenty of color designs and brushstrokes adopted by the painting masters of temples to create interesting and variable images. The cloud-shaped trees and the two tigers are based on symbolic iconography of folk religion while adopting the same pronunciation of the location name of Yunlin (forest of clouds) and Huwei (tiger tail), generating a composition that convey the dynamic energies of local Taiwanese culture.