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The Fawn Knows the Pony's Sorrow
Author Hsieh,YI-CHI,
NO. 20130096
Category Oil Painting
Max Size 156 x 156 x 4 c...
Year 2013
Artwork Appreciation
Artist SIE Yi-Ci often compares people in her life to animals in her paintings. In The Fawn Knows the Pony’s Sorrow, she describes her feelings for her younger sister with a dreamlike, innocent and somewhat sorrowful tone. Are a pony and a fawn are set in front of a forested background with a magical ambience. The pony represents the artist’s sister, who has been struggling by herself in a foreign country, while the fawn symbolizes the artist herself. The fawn and the pony are innocent, graceful animals, symbolizing sensitivity and fragility. After the artist’s sister returns from abroad, she describes all her trials and tribulations to the artist, who listens silently and intently, with empathy as well as a sense of fragility and heartache. In this piece, the artist deftly expresses the sincere caring and support of family. This power gives people a means of interdependence and the strength to carry on.