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Landing Firework
Author TU Chih-Wei,
NO. 20180166
Category Eastern Gouache
Max Size 1.7 cm,直徑50cm
Year 2016
Artwork Appreciation
TU Chih-Wei uses changing objects and scenery as subjects for observation to transform the landscaping elements in the painting, creating a "moderninzed daily landscape" that can be viewed in a conventional way while highighting its absurdity. In the work, Landing Firework, the stones piled up on the roadside, the gravel hill filled with weeds, or the dirt and vegetation awaited transportation, are reorganized into an elegent landscape here. The seemingly classical composition harmoniously integrates the iron fences, miscellanies, weeds, and stones of the city construction site. TU Chih-Wei uses the scenery of an unfinished construction site to produce an unusual, everyday landscape, reflecting on the uncertain state of life behind construction and development.