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Shakya、Five level fish、Beer
Author Huang Shun-Ting,
NO. 20140309
Category Acrylic Painting
Max Size 150 x 149.7 x 5...
Year 2013
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Shun-Ting’s works are light-hearted and comical, and he enjoys using puns as titles of his works. He approaches every project in a playful manner in his search for a distinct style of art. Shakya, Five Level Fish, Beer is a pun of 4 + 5 = 9 in Chinese. To convey this formula, Huang illustrated four custard apples (Shakya) in the middle of the background canvas composed of beer bottles and different kinds of fish. HUANG Shun-Ting believes that art reviewers often search for images and symbols within an artwork to interpret and assess its underlying meanings. As a practical joke on this approach of artistic appreciation and the people’s desire to search for artistic meaning, HUANG Shun-Ting deliberately adopted a visual design where all artistic elements are arranged in an orderly fashion. However, there is no special meaning to these arrangements and no interaction between the symbols. Through an actual artwork that combines creative concepts and revolutionary ideas, HUANG Shun-Ting has once again achieved a playful dialog and critique on art with his usual style of humor.