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Bird King in Sorrow
Author TANG Jo-Hung,
NO. 20170109
Category Oil Painting
Max Size 125.5 x 111.4 x...
Year 2015
Artwork Appreciation
TANG Jo-Hung’s works often depict chaotic and fragmented compositions that contain different cultural symbols and atmospheres. Bird King in Sorrow is based on the fantasies of tropical jungles in South Asia. An anarchic world of fantasy was composed by random applications of various depictions, graffiti, symbols, and other artistic vocabulary along random lines and brushstrokes. The bird king of the picture wears a crown yet appears lifeless. Wounds can be seen on its body while its eyes are tightly shut to silently mourn for its plight. TANG Jo-Hung uses the bird king as a means of self-projection and a metaphor for his injured physical and mental state. Personal experiences were used as the basis for his documentary. The process of re-assembling fragments allows the re-interpretation of reality while liberating fantasies of the mind.