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Author TU Chih-Wei,
NO. 20140031
Category Eastern Gouache
Max Size 52 x 38 x 5 cm
Year 2013
Artwork Appreciation
TU Chih-Wei uses traditional Chinese ink and eastern gouache as her medium to create a pattern for modern ink painting. Her paintings have a youthful character and show a special concern for the environment and for people. She portrays landscape scenes that fit in between the fictitious and the real, telling us of life's constant changes and impermanence. In ▲IV TU Chih-Wei uses the land of a construction project that is underway as her metaphor. Within the two man-made walls there is a pile of sand and on top of this is a thin, withered tree that is on the verge of collapse, only held up by a few thin wires. The artist is saying that the construction site is like a made-made ""every day landscape,"" always changing, and hinting at the cycle of man's building and destruction. It also symbolizes the uncertainty of the ""day-to-day."" The artist has constructed an everyday landscape with story elements, with flaws, that makes no common sense and is very weird, exposing the nothingness of the illusion of the beautiful life.