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I Thought I Reached Far Away- Muller's Barbet
Author HSU Pei-Cheng
NO. 20160161
Category Mixed Media
Max Size 182 x 227.5 x 5...
Year 2013
Artwork Appreciation
HSU-Pei Cheng’s artworks are filled with poetic and imaginary elements that correspond to inner spiritual discovery. I Thought I Reached Far Away – Muller’s Barbet is a strange world created by the artist. This world has distinct boundaries and limitations, showing beautiful birds that believe themselves to be flying freely that are actually tied to the branches with thin lines that prevent them from getting too far. We often think that we have reached a faraway place. The truth, however, is that we’re simply riding a carousel and spinning around a fixed location while listening to an infinitely looping music. HSU Pei-Cheng uses a surreal and poetic vocabulary to convey his views on existence.