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Xie Tong
Author Lin Chien Chih,
NO. 20140433
Category Sculpture
Max Size 114 x 195 x 160...
Year 2012
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Chien-Chih is a skillful sculptor and uses his art to create characters with both human and animal characteristics as well as mythical and illusory properties. Each and every of his characters are tasked with different missions and tasks. In Xie Tong, various components were assembled a crab covered in wood and red colors with two cannons jutting out from its back, revealing the crab to be a vehicle armed and ready for action. The work depicts our overbearing consumer-driven and materialist society. The modern world seems energetic with vast amounts of digital data exchanged at any moment. In truth, however it is as hollow and empty as a creature of fantasy. LIN Chien-Chih hopes to use his art to reflect upon the relationship between people and the consumerist culture that surrounds them.