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Packing II
Author LIN Chih-Hang
NO. 20180033
Category Sculpture
Max Size 50 x 50 x 45 cm
Year 2014
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Chih-Hang often uses the aluminum cans in daily life as the image for his works, responding to the environmental issues in contemporary society. In the work Packing II, he glues a large amount of discarded wood together and carves it into the shape of a flattened aluminum can. The warm texture of the wood replaces the cold texture of the aluminum can; the wood with varying surface textures forms a natural and primitive organic shape, which is quite different from the consumer goods that are mass-produced by machinery. LIN Chih-Hang uses the concept of recycling wood and sustainability to reflect on the different contradictions of consumerism and the absurdity behind ideology manipulation under the development of capitalism, trying to evoke resonance and thinking from the viewer and re-identify and examine the relationship between external environment, object, and human.