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  • Moving Picture,Total:1
Author WANG Shiu
NO. 20180103
Category Oil Painting
Max Size 50.3 x 247.5 x ...
Year 2017
Artwork Appreciation
WANG Shiu’s oil painting, Moving, reproduces four colors of cellophane in a style technique known as photorealism. The connecting cellophane is similar to an undulating mountain range, creating a dynamic visual effect. The images are pieced together as if they were intentionally left with visual flaws. The transparency and reflective properties of the cellophane give the picture a strong materiality. The close-up picture has the materialistic characteristic of the material, the abstract characteristic of colors and forms, and the authenticity of real objects. It even has a virtual image characteristic. WANG Shiu transforms the spatial dimension of the canvas through the unique texture of colored cellophane, giving the viewer a rich visual experience and perception.