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Mir and her pet
NO. 20140043
Category Oil Painting
Max Size 119.5 x 94 x 5....
Year 2013
Artwork Appreciation
Artist LU Hsiao-Han likes various animals. She usually imagines people and animal interact with each other and make various stories in different times and space. She depicts the emotions between human beings and animals through painting. She invites audiences to enter the theatric scenes she designs. In her work Mir and Her Pet, the protagonist “Mir” is hugging a cute pet doggy. The girl and her pet depend upon each other. They seem to be the only spiritual remedy for each other. Mir is actually the mental reflection of the artist. She combines reality with the wonderful dream and presents the dreamlike unreality in her painting. LU Hsiao-Han thinks all creatures in the world can communicate with one another. She presents the intimate emotions between modern people and their pets through works. She tries to touch the heart of audiences with the story-like scenes in her works.