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Author LIN Cheng-Che
NO. 20180143
Category Oil Painting
Max Size 90.1 x 108.4 x ...
Year 2013
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Cheng-Che’s oil painting, Headphone, uses realistic painting techniques to show the two objects placed on the table: a headphone and a shell. Under the elegant background and the clean tabletop, the texture of the object and any light or dark details become even clearer, attracting the attention of the viewer. The clean picture and the mirrored reflection of the tabletop make the scene seem to have been frozen in the quiet and peaceful time of eternity. Headphones are the invention of technology, which convert sound through electrical signals and speakers into audible sound waves. Shells are the products of nature. When placed close to the ear, the sound of the sea can be seemingly heard. The two form a link between different sensory levels under the meaning of auditory senses. LIN Cheng-Che shows the newly developed communication medium under technological advancement through the combination of different objects, but what he craves the most is still a direct contact with the nature.