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Survivor Project-33.5°N, 35.3°E
Author KUO I-Chen,
NO. 20180178
Category Photography
Max Size 110 x 77.8 x 4 ...
Year 2007
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
KUO I-Chen often creates poetic situations through different mediums. The core of the work focuses on the fading and drifting state of the environment and the inner sense of belonging, revealing the exploration of the essence of life. In the work, Survivor Project -33.5°N, 35.3°E, he uses Google to search for images from major historical disasters, such as the terrorist attack of the World Trade in New York, the tsunami in South Asia, the Hurricane Katrina in the United States, the wars in Iraq, etc. Then, through the re-collection of digital images, a virtual image that is beyond reality is constructed, much like a Hollywood movie playing in real life. In the picture stands a probe car "Survivor", which is returning to the living territory of mankind. In the ruins, it is trying to search for the surviving faith of mankind, as if to proclaim some sort of surviving fable in the future.