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Parrot Lovers
SU Yu-Ting,
NO. 20180238
Year 2017
Max Size
51.4 x 32 x 3 cm
Artwork Appreciation
SU Yu-Ting uses printmaking as the medium and utilizes the thin and delicate line of copper to show a world of mixed reality and illusion. In the work, Parrot Lovers, the colorful flowers and parrots are combined to form a long-stripped composition. The pink flowers in the picture are azaleas and the yellow ones are golden shower trees, which are both plants commonly seen in the cities of Taiwan. There are also lilies and epiphyllum. Several parrots are surrounded by the flowers. These parrots are birds raised by SU Yu-Ting, and the opened classical bird cage at the bottom suggests that these parrots are free. She uses this creation to reflect her love for parrots, taking the difficult and noisy job of raising parrots and reproducing a beautiful and harmonious picture in front of viewers.