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White Monkey and Heavenly Peach
Author CHEN Chieh-Yi
NO. 20160318
Category Acrylic Painting
Max Size 136.4 x 169.5 x...
Year 1998
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Chieh-Yi’s work White Monkey and Heavenly Peach conveys personal desires. Acrylic paint is used to depict the fluidity of the composition and provide an engaging visual effect, generating artworks that are based on traditional ink painting. The composition shows a park, with the clouds in the sky, the rippling water, and the joints and textures of the mountain created using ink wrinkling techniques. The foreground depicts a monkey craving for the divine peach placed on the table, contrasted against men and women engaged in illicit joy at benches under the tree, both of which are expressions of desire. CHEN Chieh-Yi uses expressive, flowing strokes and dripping lines to combine eastern and western artistic concepts and illustrate the nature of desire.