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  • X-Y Building Facade  OP.4, NO.1 Picture,Total:1
X-Y Building Facade OP.4, NO.1
Author WANG Sheng-Wen,
NO. 20180108
Category Photography
Max Size 212.5 x 87.5 x ...
Year 2017
Artwork Appreciation
In WANG Sheng-Wen’s photographic works, the X-Y Building Façade series changes the x-y vertical and horizontal relationships of the building. He hopes to reverse the viewer’s imagination of the building through the changes in the contemporary architectural landscape. The building in this work is the Central Taiwan Innovation Campus of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Zhongxing New Village of Nantou. Through photographing the original appearance of the building, copying and pasting the collage, and vertically reversing the image, a building that is completely different from the original building was created. The building in the picture looks like a huge mechanical amoeba and a building from the future. WANG Sheng-Wen tries to explore the possibilities and variability of the landscape in a complex contemporary building complex with this architectural series.