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The place:Move
Author TU Chih-Wei,
NO. 20180168
Category Eastern Gouache
Max Size 72.6 x 119.6 x ...
Year 2014
Artwork Appreciation
TU Chih-Wei uses changing objects and scenery as subjects for observation to transform the landscaping elements in the painting, creating a "moderninzed daily landscape" that can be viewed in a conventional way while highighting its absurdity. The work, The Place: Move, uses an overhead view from an elevated MRT to transform the unique but natural urban landscape into a beautiful landscape painting in the picture. The seemingly classical picture is actually a state of the land resulted from the intervention of human forces. The surface of the road is no longer flat, and the layers of soil are exposed due to excavation. Artificial scaffoldings are placed in the mountain landscape, losing its original natural atmosphere. With the landscape created by the construction site, TU Chih-Wei reflects her concern on the environment, land, and life.