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  • Invincible Cockroach Series - In the Big Heaven Picture,Total:4
Invincible Cockroach Series - In the Big Heaven
NO. 20130268
Category Mixed Media
Max Size 中間各間隔3-5公分
Year 2012
Artwork Appreciation
Artist LAY Yeong-Tah won the Austronesian International Arts Award for his Invincible Cockroach Series, of which In the Big Heaven is part. In this piece, Lay applies mixed media including paper, watercolors, pastels, crayons and charcoal, using the expressiveness of thick layers of color to construct a passionate, unrestrained visual feast. The ever-changing world of art requires constant visual innovation on the part of the artist, and Lay does not disappoint. His use of the word “cockroach” in the name of this series represents the great adaptability of this insect when faced with upheavals in their environment; he expects himself to face the obstacles of the outside world with determination, building his own means of survival through art.