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Zoology No.5 (NUKE)
Author ,
NO. 20130237
Category Acrylic Painting
Max Size 120.2 x 90 x 4....
Year 2012
Artwork Appreciation
Artist HSU Tung-Hsiang addresses the environmental contamination caused by nuclear power in this painting titled Zoology No. 5 (NUKE). In the center of the painting is an eyeless, mouthless, eight-legged watchdog with a warning light on its head, keeping guard astride an erupting volcano. But if you look closely at the internal structure of the volcano, you’ll see that it’s composed of machine parts. Smoke and ash belching from the mouth of the volcano fill the air and float over the land, making the entire image look murky and unfit for life. Hsu uses black and grey tones to sketch this scene of an erupting mechanical volcano, illustrating the lurking dangers of nuclear power and provoking people to think about the widespread effects that nuclear power generation could deliver to humanity and the environment.