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Chicken restaurant
Author HO Jia-Ci,
NO. 20170017
Category Ink Painting
Max Size 103.5 x 80.5 x ...
Year 2015
Artwork Appreciation
HO Jia-Ci’s ink painting work “Chicken Restaurant” was based on the diets and consumerist culture of the modern world. A far-reaching mountain landscape portrays a strange country of range chicken and the entire industrial supply chain that starts from raising chickens, slaughtering, and preparing the carcasses to make dishes on a table that people are seated around to enjoy a fabulous banquet in a paradise-like environment. HO Jia-Ci creates a façade of beauteous environment using surreal stones and mountains to expose the truth of food tourism around the world in an attempt to investigate various phenomena, food chain relationships, differences between pets and food animals, and the consumerist culture that people have built to satisfy their appetites.