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Nine Koi Fishes 02
HUANG Chun-Yuan,
NO. 20180247
Year 2018
Max Size
Artwork Appreciation
HUANG Chun-Yuan’s print, Nine Koi Fishes 02, is inspired by the Nine Fish Painting, Eight Horses Painting, and Dharma Painting that often appear in Taiwanese folk home decoration. He believes that these images can be regarded as the Taiwanese version of "popular art" from the 1980s to the 1990s in terms of publicity and popularity. The carp in the picture is derived from the Nine Fish Painting, with auspicious significance that satisfies the common people. HUANG Chun-Yuan fills these images of carp with colorful peony patterns, repeats and evenly distributes them in the picture, and with the abstract, dripping, gray background, gives the traditional image a new meaning and style.