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Three Wolves and a Little Fat Rabbit
Author LIU Chung-Hung,
NO. 20150002
Category Ink Painting
Max Size 191 x 158 x 3.8...
Year 2011
Artwork Appreciation
LIU Chang-Hung’s Three Wolves and a Little Fat Rabbit is a novel and modernist interpretation of western children’s stories manifested in an Eastern ink painting. The work depicts three anthropomorphic wolves snarling and baring their fangs at a little fat rabbit cowering in fear. Diverse, intricate brushstrokes with different thicknesses create a tapestry of ink of varying tones and textures to flesh out the animals’ contours. Closer inspection reveals that the wolves’ irregular body shapes seemed to be composed of a stack of oddly formed stones and rocks, providing an indirect analogy of malevolent personalities and forms. LIU Chang-Hung’s works often portray an odd sense of style that depict western cultural themes using Eastern presentation techniques, generating modernist interpretations of children’s fables and tales.