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A Nook of a Shrimp-fishing
Author LIN Li-Li
NO. 20180242
Category Eastern Gouache
Max Size 83.7 x 83.7 x 6...
Year 2014
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Li-Li is skilled at using gouache as the medium, using public places as the theme to integrate actual feelings for life into creating the series “Landscape of Civilians’ Lives”. The work, A Nook of a Shrimp-Fishing, is an ordinary scene of a shrimp fishing pond. The water is flowing and there is a fishing rod on the side of the pond. However, in this seemingly harmonious and beautiful scene, there is no one around. With meticulous brushwork, she stacks out a misty sensation through thin coating, creating a fascinating feel of alienation. LIN Li-Li's painting reflects on the state of human existence, trying to record the absurdity and emptiness in life by returning to the painting context of oriental media.